What makes the Cocoons so effective?

Ouatine & Cumulus Cocoons were created by two mums who are NIDCAP-certified paediatric nurses, specialising in premature and full-term baby care and wellbeing.

They came up with the idea for the brand in the neonatal unit of a major Belgian hospital, where (very) tiny patients require extra support to conserve energy and focus on growth. The aims of the hospital cocoons (the first kind of cocoon created for the brand) were:

  • to help babies adopt the perfect position to allow them to develop and conserve energy needed for growth,
  • to provide a reassuring safe space to promote quality sleep.

The product range was then expanded beyond the hospital care environment to give all newborn babies the same opportunity to enjoy peaceful sleep.

After a warm and cosy pregnancy in a reassuring environment, birth is a magical experience, but one that brings a huge change to your baby. Once outside the womb, your baby has to deal with gravity, the limitless world around them, draughts, ambient sounds and light. The idea is to (re)create an environment that is as close as possible to life in the comfort of the womb.

The cocoons were the result of many hours of observation. They were developed, tested and adapted over a period of two years before the perfect cocoon was created.

Discover more about the benefits and features of the different cocoons below: