Our story and values

We are paediatric nurses who have been working for many years within a neonatal special care unit and we specialise in caring for premature babies or babies who have undergone difficult births.

We are focused on our tiny patients’ comfort and wellbeing and we are well aware of the challenges faced by premature babies or babies who have had a difficult birth. We have undergone additional training in baby behavioural observation (NIDCAP).

This care programme aims to optimise neurological and motor development for babies who are born too early, by reducing stress and responding to their individual needs, all in partnership with the family.

The many hours we spent at the bedside aiming to understand and analyse baby behaviour meant that we could home in on the baby’s needs and improve their wellbeing and development.

Days spent caring for these fragile little humans, combined with our own experience as mothers and our NIDCAP observations, gave us the desire to create products designed to make their life easier and increase their feelings of comfort and wellbeing.

Expanding the collection to suit each milestone in a baby’s developmental journey seemed like the obvious next step in continuing to support the baby from hospital to home. Making these products available to parents as individual products or kits bringing together the essentials was imperative in allowing parents to devote themselves to caring for their baby regardless of which hospital was looking after them.

Our Values


Designed and developed with passion to meet a genuine need, our products aim to recreate as much as possible the cosy feeling of the womb (warm, soft and bouncy). The baby can snuggle up safely within the constraints of their environment and the care setting. Small details that make a big difference.


These tiny humans have delicate skin, so we have taken care when selecting fabrics and quality finishing touches, such as seamless designs for ultimate softness against the skin. Our products are 100% handmade in Belgium.


Our aim is to provide our little customers with the most suitable products for each phase of their development, so we are always keen to hear from you. We also pay special attention to feedback and advice from healthcare specialists, who help us continue developing our products.